Look to Johns Projects page for details on Johns appearance in the musical “Chicago” on Broadway!

Nip Tuck is doing great, John is still on for 1-2 more episodes

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No friends, “Bo’s General Lee” didn’t sell for 10 million dollars… But he did fetch more than any other car of its kind EVER!!! Good stuff huh?

The Friday and Saturday that Ella, myself, Allen and Victor spent at the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona was fantastic! Beautiful cars and car folks everywhere and we were treated like family. For the first time in a very long time, I was nervous about going on stage!

After all, I was about to part with a friend I’d had for a very long time. You can see it all from the inside out when “Bo’s last ride with Bo” is finished! I’ll take you on a final ride in my favorite car on the streets of old Hazard (California) and right up on the auction block in Scottsdale! You will have a once in a lifetime seat right next to me through the process! I expect to be finished editing the DVD in February. I will put out another newsletter when its ready so you can get it right away!!

“Chicago” is going very bell. T

here’s nothing like live theater to get your blood pumping (well… Selling you car on TV I front of millions does that pretty darn well too!). The music is great, the cast delightful. Come see me if you get a chance.

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Ambassador Theater on Broadway. Shows every day but Wednesday.

Watch for “Ogre” and “Shark Swarm” and, of course more episodes of “Nip Tuck” and HBO’s “Twelve Miles of Bad Road”. Then there’s “H20 Extreme”, “For Christ’s Sake”, “Gods of Circumstance” and even a movie where I play the devil who has a TV publicity campaign!

All kinds of movies and TV coming up! Keep an eye to the internet, the TV guide and right here to find out when and where they will be on.

I am in a car traveling to the airport in Scottsdale right now. Heading back to New York to do Chicago tonight and haven’t had much sleep. Wish me luck!

See you in the movies! Thanks again for helping to keep “Bo’s General Lee” a car so famous that it has become THE MOST EXPENSIVE 1969 CHARGER IN THE WORLD!!!

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